Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force Meeting November 1, 2012

The meeting commenced with a presentation on the development of the facility’s design and construction.  Maureen Anderson, Senior Project Manager of the City ofBoston’s Public Facilities Department, and Nick Brooks, Project Architect of Sasaki Associates collaborated on the presentation, which can be seen here:  11/01/12 DVATF presentation.

Highlights of the presentation included:

  • The Abatement and Demolition phases of the project have been completed.  The next phases will include construction of the foundation and structural steel.
  • A boom crane will be assembled on the site during the weekend of November 9-12, 2012.  In cooperation with the Dudley Main Streets, merchants are to be notified, and a traffic plan has already been approved by MBTA, BTD, and Main Streets.  One lane of traffic onWarren Streetwill remain open during crane assembly.
  • The project has recently received additional approvals from Boston Landmarks Commission on details of the facility’s exterior.  There will be another BLC meeting in November.
  • The façade of the new portions of the facility will incorporate three different types of brick that will blend well with the preserved historic facades, while creating a modern feel for the new facility.

The community raised questions about the 19,000 square feet of ground level retail space.  It was announced that the January 10th, 2013 meeting will focus on retail issues, including how tenants will be selected and leases negotiated in accordance with public procurement regulations.

It was suggested that the project team should reach out to the community soon for input on integrating art into the design of the project.  Specifically, it was suggested that community member Barry Gaither be contacted.

At the conclusion of the project update presentation, Joe Mulligan, Deputy Director of the Public Facilities Department discussed ongoing efforts with respect to community workforce development.  Mr. Mulligan stated that a dialogue had commenced with a local group specifically interested in exceeding goals of the Boston Residents Jobs Policy (BRJP) [link to the BRJP page].  The project team currently follows the policy and procedures to attain or exceed the goals of 50% Boston Residents; 25% Minority, and has committed to ongoing efforts to keep improving on the community participation, with various initiatives.  There is a summary of some of those efforts in an earlier post on this website (posted Oct. 24th, 2012, titled “Early Recap of Community Workforce Development Efforts”).

The meeting concluded at 8:00 p.m.  The next scheduled meeting is for November 29th, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the same location:  Community Room of the Central Boston Elder Services,2315 Washington Street, Roxbury.

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