November 29, 2012 Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force Meeting Notes

The meeting commenced at 6 p.m.  Maureen Anderson, Project Manager for the City of Boston’s Public Facilities Department and Nick Brooks, Project Architect for Sasaki Associates, presented an update on the Dudley Square Municipal Center development.  Click to access link to the accompanying slide presentation.

Presentation highlights:

  • By end of January, 2013, the project design will be at 100% construction documents.
  • This week the design team received a Certificate of Design Approval, subject to staff review, from the Boston Landmarks Commission for certain items including tree selection, window details, preservation of the Ferdinand Bldg. painted sign, and historic interpretive exhibits.
  • The project is on schedule and on budget.
  • The outreach for engaging a retail broker/manager and asset management functions will begin in early 2013.
  • The design team is exploring lighting options for the Ferdinand Building, as well as finalizing choices for outdoor trees.

Ms. Kai Grant, a Task Force member, requested more specific information on the square footage of the retail space.  The information will be compiled and presented at a subsequent meeting.

Mr. Guscott, community member, expressed interest in having the project team explore using solar energy via roof-top photovoltaic arrays.  The team noted that the facility’s sustainable design strategy has been to minimize energy and water consumption, and to optimize management of storm water with green roofs.  Therefore, green roofs take up a good portion of the roof space.  In this way the project does use solar energy to contribute to savings in storm water management costs.  The team also agreed to look into the feasibility of introducing solar photovoltaic arrays into the project.

After the design presentation, a Shawmut Design and Construction team consisting of project managers Kem White, Andy Felix, and Micah O’Neil, presented current performance on the project with respect to the Boston Residents Jobs Policy (BRJP) which outlines goals for individual worker hours on a project.  The project’s BRJP goals are 50% Boston Residents, 25% Minority, and 10% Female.

The team reported that the project hours to date achieved 39.0% Boston Residents, 62.3% Minority, and 7.6% Female.

The team distributed documents reporting overall community outreach highlights including:

  • BRJP performance statistics.
  • Local and minority contractors and vendors participation.
  • Shawmut’s cash & volunteer contributions to local organizations.
  • Direct engagement of local businesses for project supplies.
  • Joint ventures with local and minority subcontractors.
  • Informational campaigns to notify potential subcontractors and individual workers of training and hiring opportunities.

The documents also share information about the upcoming project schedule to allow local and community firms and workers to anticipate opportunities for participation in the project.
Finally, the team discussed the tower crane’s recent arrival at the site to safely and efficiently move materials.

Mr. David Lopes, community member and local construction contractor, asked the project team to begin considering ways to engage and increase participation of local and minority construction firms during the retail tenant lease-up and build-out phases of the project.

The next presentation was by the MBTA on its ongoing Dudley Station Enhancements.  Mahendra Patel, MBTA Project Manager presented the current and future work on the transit platforms.  The project’s expected completion is mid-2014.  Mr. Patel noted that flag holders and signs have been posted for safety.  DVATF member Sarah Ann Shaw recommended larger signs.
[ Plan of MBTA Station Enhancement, November 2012 ]

Wanda Hubbard, Assistant Director of Compliance, MBTA presented the project’s work force numbers:  There are 10 workers on site and 50% are minorities.  The project’s current goal is 6.9% female and 30% minority. The work is 8% complete.  MBTA has committed to partner with the City of Boston, including the use of the Public Facilities Department’s applicants list.  MBTA stressed its goal to increase local resident minority and female hiring.  MBTA has certain requirements due to federal funding to include minority businesses.  A couple of contractors on the project now are contributing to the fulfillment of this requirement.

The meeting concluded at 8 p.m.

The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, December 13th, 2012.  Tentative agenda topics will include Transportation and Parking related issues affecting the Dudley Municipal Center and the Dudley Sq. district.

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