Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force Meeting Notes from December 13, 2012

The main meeting agenda was to discuss parking/transportation issues related to both the Dudley Municipal Center (DMC) and the Dudley district. In addition there were two short presentations:

(1) a feasibility analysis for a rooftop photovoltaic installation on the DMC, and
(2) a report on the DMC construction progress and current workforce levels.

The meeting began with Maureen Anderson, senior project manager at Boston’s Public Facilities Department, presenting a feasibility analysis of a possible rooftop photovoltaic installation at the DMC. Ms. Anderson reported currently the installation is not feasible. Sub-optimal solar orientation, initial cost, uncertain future electricity pricing, when analyzed with savings realized by a green roof, contribute to the unfeasibility. There will be periodic revisiting of the opportunity in the future.
[ analysis of a possible rooftop photovoltaic installation ]

Ms. Anderson then introduced David Black, the project team’s transportation and parking consultant from local firm VHB. Mr. Black, a Roxbury resident, proceeded to present the current thinking in the ongoing analysis of a parking and transportation management plan for the DMC.

Mr. Black began by recapping the data collection from the DMC’s main tenant, Boston Public Schools (BPS) to help understand parking demand from the 500+ workers at the facility. Mr. Black then introduced the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program that will be implemented in coordination with the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) to control and reduce commuter vehicle trips in the district, especially, single-occupant commuter vehicles.

The Boston Transportation Department will be involved in ongoing enforcement of parking regulations throughout the district to protect businesses and residents from long-term on-street parking where prohibited. The TDM program will involve education about public transit options, and coaching to encourage new DMC facility commuters to minimize low-occupancy vehicle trips.

For a number of Boston Public Schools workers that use a vehicle not for commuting but for job function, there will be an off-street lot developed to accommodate the need, so as not to add to the short-term parking demand.

Task Force and community members, (including City Councilor Tito Jackson), raised questions about preparing for the future increase in long-term parking demand in the district. Kairos Shen, Chief Planner for the City and Director of Planning at the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), noted that his department and the Boston Transportation Department have been collaborating on transportation analysis and planning, including parking. He acknowledged that there was more work to do to help advance the analysis. Mr. Shen also noted that private sector parking facilities are an important part of overall demand management, and the BRA has recently received inquiries about potential parking facility development in Dudley. Everyone at the meeting committed to a continued effort to facilitate growth in the district with parking and transportation demand management.
[ presentation of the ongoing parking analysis ]

Dudley Municipal Center, October 2012

The final presentation of the meeting was from Shawmut Design and Construction. Project managers Andy Felix and Kem White teamed up to provide a summary of the project’s progress. Mr. Felix presented the project’s upcoming schedule and highlighted the recent pouring of footings and construction of the two concrete structures that will contain elevators and stairs. Ms White presented the recent upward trends in the percentage of Boston residents and female workers on the project. The percentage of minority workers has maintained an above-goal level, as well.
[ schedule update & recent workforce data report on the DMC ]

Builders at Dudley Square, December 2012

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

The next DVATF meeting is scheduled for January 10th, 2013.

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