Notes from the Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force Meeting May 22, 2014

The meeting began with a presentation from the Dudley Municipal Center Owner’s Project Manager, PMA Consultants. Project Managers Jason Lawson, Chad Crittenden and Ken L’Ecuyer were in attendance, and Jason Lawson reviewed slides showing current construction progress on the facility (link here).  The slide presentation contained a number of interesting images of the building interior and exterior.

DVATF May 22 2014 photo 2

Highlights of the presentation:

Substantial Completion is still targeted for December 2014, with Boston Public Schools Occupancy in 2015.

The workforce development efforts continue with about 70% completion, the project is exceeding minority workforce targets (target of 25%, actual 48%); and achieving close to target levels for participation categories of female (target 10%, actual ~7%), and Boston Resident (target 50%, actual ~40%) participation.

PMA Consultants introduced Rohan Wynter, a junior at Madison Park High School, who is interning with the project management team.

Next, Kairos Shen, Director of Planning for the Boston Redevelopment Authority spoke regarding an update on the Dudley Sq. district parking study that will have recommendations for next steps coming soon.

Mr. Shen followed up with a discussion of a new Dudley Sq. Business Incubator and Co-Working space to be located at the second floor of the Dudley Sq. Municipal Center.  It will be approximately 3,500 square feet of co-working space, with access to common meeting and lecture space.  Mr. Shen explained that one of the initiatives of the Walsh Administration is to provide business startups opportunities to begin and grow in Dudley Sq., hopefully enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship in the community, creating business and university linkages that can provide networking opportunities and potentially new jobs in the Dudley Sq. district.

More details on a request for qualifications or proposals to operate the facility will be forthcoming, and community input and ideas will be considered.  There were questions by DVATF members and community members concerning what type of focus the Business Incubator might have, for example, industry-specific, or not.  In addition there were inquiries concerning the potential to engage the youth of the neighborhood, and what connection the new center could have with local educational institutions.  Mr. Shen noted that there would be more discussion concerning those issues.

There were questions concerning the projected schedule for the Ferdinand Retail Leasing effort.  It was reported that the project leasing team is working with a number of firms that submitted proposals, and that announcements would come only when leases were executed.  Currently due diligence is being performed on the design and constructability of all the retail spaces.

Property and Construction Management Dept. Senior Project Manager, Tom Leahy presented a general overview of the timeline regarding the demolition of the former Area B-2 police station facility.  The target is to commence Phase 1 of the demolition at the beginning of June.  Duration of the operation was expected to be about 100 days.

There was discussion concerning an upcoming Request for Proposals for development of the land along Dudley Street between the old and new police station facilities.  Kairos Shen noted that the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee would provide stakeholder input during the drafting of the Request for Development Proposals.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.

The next scheduled DVATF meeting is scheduled for June 26th, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., at 2315 Washington Street, Roxbury.




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