Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force Meeting Notes, Thurs., June 26, 2014

The meeting commenced with a presentation of the Dudley Sq. District-wide Parking Study (link to a copy of parking study here) by Sean Manning, Sr. Consultant at VHB.

Parking Presentation by VHB's Sean Manning, at the June 26, 2014 DVATF Meeting.

Parking Presentation by VHB’s Sean Manning, at the June 26, 2014 DVATF Meeting.

Highlights of the presentation included:

  • Review of the supply of on-street and off-street spaces,
  • analysis of day-time parking occupancy,
  • projection of new supply of spaces coming on-line in the near future,
  • proposed renewed enforcement, and
  • recommendations for a future parking plan.

A number of questions about the study were raised including, how to manage Blair Lot for long-term parking, options for car-sharing services, resident parking zones, the extra load being put on the MBTA as new developments are completed.  Concerns were raised about discouraging the use of parking for Downtown commuters.  It was explained that pricing of long-term parking could help create the right incentives for local employee and business parkers.

Following the parking presentation, Kairos Shen, Director of Planning for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, spoke about the Mayor’s new initiative to bring an Innovation Center to Roxbury.  The new Innovation Center aspires to create a Roxbury-based facility that can nurture aspiring entrepreneurs, that can be part of an overall wealth-creation strategy for the neighborhood.  Mr. Shen announced that a Request for Interest (RFI) would be publicly advertised in July, with a September due date.  It would be a call to begin a discussion among potential operators for the Innovation Center, to help determine the content for a subsequent Request for Proposals to run the operation. Questions and comments from the Dudley Vision Task Force and community members emphasized the desire to create opportunities for local entrepreneurs to gain exposure to other innovation communities, universities, etc.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:00 p.m.

The next meeting for the Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force will be Thursday, July 31, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.  Location:  Community Room of the Central Boston Elder Services, 2315 Washington St., Roxbury, Mass.  02119.

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