Notes from January 31, 2012, Design Workshop

The Ferdinand Design team held a workshop last week to update the community on their latest thinking about the project’s design. The presentation by team members Nick Brooks and Victor Vizgaitis of Sasaki, and Marta Roy of Mecanoo, covered floor plans, interior spaces, exterior appearance, and future considerations for the Dudley Station.  Maureen Anderson, a Senior Project Manager of the Property and Construction Management Dept. provided a project overview and fielded questions.  Nick Brooks presented the team’s Urban Design approach, and Marta Roy shared the overall site design concepts and early schematic building design considerations.

Community and Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force members shared their thoughts with the design and construction team on a wide variety of subjects, including color selections, public restroom and parking accommodations, traffic management during construction, and green building technologies.  There were also questions about incorporating public art into the development, and suggestions to include space for educational outreach programs that could involve partnerships with local educational institutions.

Other considerations raised included:

  • Maintaining a high level of service at Dudley Station
  • Managing the completed facility in a community-minded manner to balance appropriate public access and security.
  • Integrating a distinct sense of place into the facility, whether in the form of signage, art, or other means.

The project team was energized by the feedback, and intends to follow up in subsequent conversations and meetings.

The next Dudley Vision Advisory Task Force meeting is scheduled for February 23rd.

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