Dudley Jobs Update — May 2012

On Friday, May 11, 2012 a workforce kick-off meeting was held at Shawmut Design & Construction’s office in the South End to discuss workforce issues on the Dudley Municipal Center project.  The Boston Resident Jobs Policy Office and the Property Construction & Management Office convened the meeting with representatives from the Dudley Vision Task Force, the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee, the Dorchester Roxbury Labor Committee and the Leadership Forum.  Items discussed in the meeting included the project schedule, procedures for workers walking on to the site looking for employment, OSHA 10 safety training, and a review of workforce statistics from the three contractors who have been on-site to date.  The group will be meeting regularly throughout the project to maximize construction job opportunities for local residents, people of color and women.

Anyone interested in obtaining a job or contract at the Dudley worksite should contact Clyde Thomas of Shawmut Design & Construction at (617) 622-7000, or cthomas@shawmut.com.

The City also maintains a Jobs Bank, for anyone interested in construction jobs opportunities in general.  Contact Patti Boyer, Jobs Bank Coordinator, at (617) 918-5480 for more information.

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