Notes from May 10, 2012, Meeting of the Dudley Vision Advisory Taskforce

The Dudley Vision Advisory Taskforce held a meeting on Thursday evening, May 10, to discuss about the project team’s ongoing analysis for parking and traffic management for the Dudley Municipal Center, and to provide Taskforce members and other community members a chance to weigh in.

First, David Black, who is Senior Project Manager at VHB (an engineering consulting firm with a specialty in transportation planning) presented findings from a parking analysis conducted by VHB.  David is a Roxbury resident and was involved in the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan.

The analysis David was presenting focused on the parking demand expected to be generated from the Dudley Municipal Center.  The presentation included potential strategies for Travel Demand Management (TDM), which could include some combination of increasing parking supply and expanding enforcement of parking rules.

Task Force and community members shared their experiences with travel demand management, as well as retailer and resident concerns about management of traffic and parking in the Dudley District.  They noted several times that the Dudley Station provided a high level of service connecting to neighborhoods, Downtown and nearby subway lines.

DVATF member Joyce Stanley summarized a soon-to-be-updated parking study conducted several years ago by Dudley Main Streets, which found that there are 952 vehicles in the Dudley Main Streets District daily, and private parking available for 717 spaces.  The study also noted that there are 24 social service agencies and 11 government offices in the District.

Other ideas and concerns raised during the meeting include:

  • Encouraging vehicle sharing (carpooling, pool vehicles, and private shared vehicle services).
  • Discouraging the use of Dudley Square streets as commuter parking for other neighborhoods.
  • Exploring the creation of more surface lots, including near the Blair Lot, and enhancing utilization of the surface lots that already exist.
  • Ensuring a comprehensive examination of parking demand, accounting for potential future growth of the commercial sector, factoring in environmental health concerns, and understanding where the people who park in Dudley Square are coming from.

Representatives from City departments – including Maureen Anderson from Property & Construction Management, Pat Hoey from the Boston Transportation Department, and Carlton Jones, Executive Director of Facilities Management for the Boston Public Schools – concluded the meeting by saying that the parking analysis is still a work in progress, and that the community discussion will continue at a future meeting.

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